Alex Ferra

Music video director/producer

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Alex Ferra Productions is a multi entertainment and media company based in Los Angeles, California. The company is led by CEO/Founder Alex Ferra, a well known music video and commercial director, producer, and editor. Our ability to delivery high end quality within every budget is unmatched.

popular Releases

Below are two music videos Directed by Alex Ferra

Amitis feat. Snoop Dogg "King"

Kamran & Hooman "Nemidoonam Chera"


We provide a wide range of services besides videography

Music Videos

For us, each project is unique and defined by its creative approach. We constantly push the envelope, raising the bar, and strives to give each production that rare dynamic quality.

Artist Promotion

We promote new and up and coming artists. Our promtions range from web to actual live events.



Our team will provide you with creative concepts and conceptual design for all your still modeling images.

More services coming soon

New services will be added soon.

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